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Washington, DC- September 2nd, 2013

Welcome to the Cooking Cult.  We are back for the month of September for the one time event this month.  Unlike our prior event in DC, this one comes with a bit more of a stand up point of view.  For those of you who are new, you will find on each event page a short riddle hinting at the fresh catch and location to be featured.  By attending the event, you agree to be on national television.  This event will be a pop up 5 course tasting, paired by four different wines from Anderson’s Conn Valley Vineyard. (  Although the menu will not be released until 5 days prior to the event, we highly suggest you purchase a ticket now.  The private event is limited to only 110 people and a portion of proceeds will benefit charity.  Once you have bought a ticket, the secret location will be emailed to you the day of the event.  All food and wine are included in the event. 

So here is the riddle, try not to play the fiddle, your going to be in the middle, of more than just a little.


Home of the Chesapeake, I have been known for years, especially if you have a beak.  If caught, I can be served many different ways.  Weather it is cooked or raw, you should be ready to open your jaw.  Its often found with casinos and pearls.  So skip the burritos and bring the girls.  You may find a Black or a Jack and as its just the facts.. Jack. 


4 different wines ranging from 40-100 per bottle will be paired with your tasting plates.  Anderson Conn Valley Vineyards will be providing the wine, while our secret master chef serves up the catch, caught by our team the day before.  The event will be MC’d by the tv host, Adventure Aaron. (  Cult wine maker, Todd Anderson ( will be working the room along with the Master Chef providing the ultimate pairing experience.  A chance to sign up for additional pop-ups and become a member of the cooking cult club with Conn Valley, will be available on site.  Amazing race winner, Alex Boylan will be show running the event as the filming takes place for the TV Series. 

All prices include the 4 glasses of wine, 1 Champagne toast, and a 5 course tasting plate.  10 dollars from all proceeds will benefit the designated charity, mentioned at the event.  Event Starts Promptly at 6pm.  Please dont forget to take care of your waitstaff….

Washington, DC – September 2nd


Florida – September 9th

Nebraska – September 19th

Virginia – October 6th


By Purchasing a Ticket You Acknowledge & Agree to the Following.


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